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Get even greater transparency of processes, goods movement and transactions by using of photos.
It allows you to bring constant improvements in the supply chain, as it is useable in every project phase.

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Implementation models

Deufol operation

We can use PhotoDocumentation as a supplementary service to increase your security and supply chain transparency.

Customer collaborative

Let’s collaborate on the PhotoDocu supply chain support and enjoy the revenue coming from.

Customization to you specific needs

Photodocu can be integrated with your corporate identity or connected with your Information Systems.


What the Deufol Photodocumentation can offer?


What else is possible with PhotoDocumentation?


Access of third party: Faster Evaluation of insurance claims


PhotoDocumentation of employees health status(entrance check up). Tracking of healing process due to work injury

Automotive industry

Documentation of the production, use of CRM marketing purposes such as timelines for delivery and historical moments in the production


Photo documentation and visual process control in supply chain management in especially for contract logistics

On Site logistic

Documentation and process control of all co-workers involved

Office Management

Capturing all whiteboard, Flip-Chart photos

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